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A sea of red at St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a series of events that reminded students about substance-free lifestyles. Pledge Day began the week by encouraging students to make a pledge about their commitment to healthy living. Students pledged to stay drug, alcohol and tobacco free, or had the option to discuss improvements they could

World travelers

At 15, Coline has traveled to London, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Senegal, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia, but most recently she looks forward to her first trip to the U.S. to discover the American way of life for a few weeks. How has someone so young already traveled the world on her own? With the help of

Sustainable stage

Show business might be a dreamworld, but the dreamers who live in it still have a responsibility to the real world we all live in. The students and faculty of Bowsher High School’s theater program have taken that to heart. This spring, Bowsher students will put on a show, as kids everywhere have since long

The heARTbeat of a community

Creative expression is an outlet for youth to convey their feelings. The Community HeARTbeats program, along with Human Values For Transformative Action, presents Listen Toledo!, a traveling exhibit first presented at the Wayman Palmer Community Center in Toledo. HVTA was launched in 2003 by Lorna Gonsalves to allow children and teens to address issues that

St. Ursula Academy students FOCUS

Many artists have the honor of juried art shows selecting their work, but often it comes later in their careers. Seven students from St. Ursula Academy had their art pieces selected for the juried FOCUS 2010 Show. The event showcases the artwork of high school students from northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. The SUA student

tween the lines

The heartbreak of substance abuse can tear at the foundations of a family, and no one is immune. Regardless of age or background, drug and alcohol problems can strike—and when it’s a teen who’s affected, parents are often at a loss. Ann Arbor counselor Ronald E. Harrison has made a career of helping teens and