The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other health organizations and agencies recently extended the recommended duration for breastfeeding infants from "at least one year" to "at least two years. The WHO actively promotes breastfeeding...
There are many things to consider during pregnancy besides the baby shower and gift registry. While pregnancy can be an exciting time, it is also when important decisions about the overall health of the mother, baby and family are...

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Trip’n Biscuits food truck offers Southern comfort food on the go

Visit website for upcoming locations and hours | |   The Short Course Kid-friendly? Yes. Carryout? Yes. Online Ordering? No. Delivery? No, but they offer custom event catering...

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Soak It Up: Area Splash Pads and Swimming Pools

The summer heat is here with repeated declarations of “I’m bored” from the kids. We have compiled a list of local pools and splash pads which provide a perfect way to beat the heat and to keep the kids entertained.

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Dollop Shop Owner Clair Cameron-Ruetz Finds a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Claire Cameron-Ruetz looks perfectly at home bustling around and beaming at customers from behind the counter of the Dollop Shop, but if anyone had...

Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms from the Not So Basic Mamma

Toledo Area Parent just released a YouTube channel with amazing resources for parents, like these tips from influencer and work-from-home superstar Mamma, Darlie. Make...

Rialto Jean Project Owner Navigates New Mom Life

Running a business while entering motherhood may seem daunting or impossible, but for Rialto Jean Project (RJP) founder Erin Feniger Maggio, it’s what she...

Mosaic Ministries Helps Families in Toledo’s Old South End

Fifteen years ago, Kelly and David Kaiser took over leadership of a small church in Toledo’s Old South End and began serving a weekly...