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Since 1992, Toledo Area Parent News’ presence in the Toledo area has established this publication as an essential resource for parents and grandparents, guiding them in their planning and purchasing decisions. Toledo Area Parent News is a trusted resource for information for more than 65,000 monthly readers. Contact our sales team for more information about advertising in Toledo Area Parent.

Publisher / Editor in Chief

Collette Jacobs
Office:(419)244-9859 ext. 301

Co-publisher / Chief Financial

Mark Jacobs
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Robin Armstrong
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Assignment Editor
Mary Genson
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Copy Manager
Riley Runnells 
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Sales Team

Account Executive 
Jen Leach 
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Sales Administrator: 
Libby Cassidy 
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Account Executive 
Gabrielle Huff
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Account Executive 
Bonnie Hunter
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Art & Production

Production Manager
Imani Lateef
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Senior Designer 
Leah Foley
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Digital Media

Digital Media Manager
Nathaniel Light 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 311
Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist 
Margot Jacobs
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