Ultimate Sledding Hill Guide: A roundup of slopes in the 419

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*With contributions by Sneha Kamath

Once the snow begins to accumulate on the ground this winter, there will be just one thing on many kids’ minds— sledding. This resource describes multiple hills to suit your needs when it comes to location and, in many cases, thrill level. If we’ve missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments!

As always, make sure to take safety precautions when sledding. Follow our “Sledding Safety Tips for Winter Fun” to stay informed about safe practices!


Conneaut Park
Conneaut and Haskins Rd., Bowling Green
This sledding hill is the site of the city’s old reservoir system, and it is perhaps the most popular spot for kids to have a fun wintery time in BG. 


Fort Miamis Park
600 Michigan Ave., Maumee
Young sledders and their parents can gaze out at the Maumee River while taking a thrilling ride down the hills at this historic site (it’s the former British Fort Miamis). Slip and slide down the hill until dark.

Side Cut Metropark
1025 W. River Rd., Maumee
Head to Wagener Hill in the Silver Lake area of Side Cut for an impressive sledding hill, where you can spend the whole day racing down the slope, or even stay after dark thanks to the added lights along the way.


Rivercrest Park
13761 Eckel Junction Rd.

Winter weather is no reason to avoid visiting Rivercrest Park—visit to try the sledding hill, the *coolest* part of the park!


Maumee Bay State Park
1400 State Park Rd., Oregon
The 70-foot sledding hill at Maumee Bay State Park offers a stunning view of Lake Erie, along with an exciting ride for the whole family!

Pearson Metropark
761 S. Lallendorf Rd., Oregon
This Oregon lighted sledding hill is perfect for a nighttime slide, and you might as well bring your ice skates to complete the winter wonderland experience when the lake is nice and frozen. The hill is located across from the lake near Parking Lot 1.


Harroun Community Park
5500 Main St., Sylvania
As evidenced by its nickname—  “Suicide Hill”—  this one is much better suited to older kids. The long trudge up the hill to brave its heights is totally worth it if you are looking for the ultimate sledding thrill ride!

Northview High School
5403 Silica Dr., Sylvania
Snow days wouldn’t be snow days without a trip out to Northview High School’s legendary hill. Families typically flood this spot with their sleds, tubes and makeshift slides anytime weather permits. 

Sylvan Prairie Park
8601 Brint Rd.
Part of the Olander Park System, this park has three slopes! It’s free and open from 7:30am until just before dark.


Pine Glen Park
3145-3195 Wynnewood Dr.

A barbecue at Pine Glen in the summer is hard to beat, but you should also stop by during winter to check out the sledding hill for a completely different experience! 

Navarre Park

1001 White St., Toledo.

Navarre Park in East Toledo is home to a beloved sledding hill, in addition to its many other amenities that can be enjoyed year round. 

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Glass City Metropark
983 Front St.
Take advantage of Toledo’s newest Metropark by trying out their lighted sledding hill! With a beautiful view of the Maumee River and the downtown Toledo skyline, it’s definitely an experience you’ll want to add to your winter sledding traditions.

Highland Park
1690 South Ave.
This Southside Toledo favorite is known for its approachable-yet-adventure-filled sledding hill. You’ll find kids of all ages taking advantage of Highland Park’s slippery slope.

Ottawa and Jermain Parks
2532 Upton Ave.
Toledo’s largest park features three amazing sledding hills: one between North Cove and Ottawa Drive, the other two between the park’s amphitheater and golf course. You’ll find a helpful map on the website to help you navigate to these popular slopes.


Homecoming Park
715 Lawrence Ave., Wauseon
One of the largest parks in Wauseon also features one of the taller sledding hills you’ll find in the area as well. The park is located between West Leggett Street and Lawrence Avenue.


Blue Creek Metropark
7215 Providence St., Whitehouse
One of the tallest sledding hills in our area, the Blue Creek hill isn’t lighted, but you can enjoy it beginning at 7am and call it a day once it gets dark out.


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