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Tips on Handling Cyberbullying 

Statistics show that 15% of teens experience cyberbullying and nearly that many have engaged in bullying others online. While cyberbullying continues to be an issue, two counselors from a local middle school are seeing progress.

Toledo Threat Focuses on Basketball and Youth Mental Health

If you thought the biggest threat in Toledo was the rising crime rate or the replacement of our precious 4-way stops with those pesky traffic circles, you’ve obviously never heard of Toledo Threat.

Strategies to Combat End-of-the-School Year Stress

Stress much? If it’s the end of the school year, the answer is probably yes. For teens, it can become hard to juggle school obligations with social commitments.

Mental Health Resources for Children and Teens in the Toledo Area

In recent years professionals have seen a rapid increase in the need for mental health services for children and teens.

Greater Generations Connects Youth to Community Through Work

Greater Generations offers a youth program designed to put young people to work improving their communities and learning job skills at the same time.  ...

5 Ways to Get Your Teens Outside

You know your kids are growing up when they no longer have recess at school. When my son started middle school, recess and even physical education were no longer part of his schedule.

Time to Talk to Teens About Marijuana

Ohio citizens voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November’s elections, making it the 24th state in the country to do so. Many parents, educators,...

Toledo Area Teen Book Clubs 

With many book clubs geared toward adults or storytime-aged children, where do tweens and teens fit in?  Reading is essential and can be a great...

Demystifying Discord for Parents of Teens

With the chat features of Skype combined with Reddit-like discussion boards, Discord is the social media network that many parents haven’t even heard of. Launched...

Playful Ways for Tweens and Teens to Practice Mindfulness

A few weeks ago, my son came home from school pretty stressed out about his math and Spanish homework and the pressure to study...

6 Ways to Keep Your Teen Active this Winter

The winter months come with a number of challenges from the shorter days to the frigid temperatures. While hunkering down inside and sitting on...

Helping Teens Create New Years Resolutions

January offers a clean slate and a new year of possibilities. Teens (and their adults) may take this time to set new goals and...