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Family Favorites 2020 Voting Begins April 1!

The polls are open! It’s that awesome time of year where we ask “what was your favorite” with the Family Favorites nominations.Each year, we love seeing who shined the brightest. It’s the perfect chance...

Hook a Book Lover: 10 Clever Ways to Get Kids to Read

One of the most important skills a parent can encourage is to make their child a reader. Consistent reading leads to successes in academics and gives kids a solid start in life. In fact,...

Childcare & Preschool Guide

  In an uncertain era, parents have much to keep in mind as they seek out childcare and preschools that are safe, affordable and effective. Learn about some of the Toledo area’s best options!Children’s Discovery...

Apps to Keep Kids Fit: 6 apps to get kids moving

Here are some of the top fitness apps available, and the best part? They’re all free!

Ode to the ZIP Code 2021!

Want to write an ode to your ZIP code?For the sixth year in a row, Adams Street Publishing has teamed up with The Fair Housing Center, The Arts Commission and the Toledo Lucas County Public...

Little Free Libraries: Open books thrive in Toledo

With the rise of technology, demand may diminish for a good, old-fashioned paperback book. In a world obsessed with rushing and multitasking, a good book, that begs for focused attention, slows us down and limits outside distractions feels like a breath of fresh air.