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JA Inspire promotes Career Opportunities

Designed to showcase the trades and various career opportunities, Junior Achievement’s event, JA Inspire, attracted thousands of students to the Glass City Convention Center last week. Mercy Health proudly showcased opportunities in the medical field,...

Digital health platform provides puberty & health education for parents and kids

Early in her practice as an ob-gyn, Dr. Melisa Holmes was shocked by how many women didn’t understand their bodies and how they worked. She wanted to change that, not just for adults but...

Kids Eat Free! Or Close To It

Check out our guide to kid-friendly, local snack spots! Kids either eat free, or close to it.

Art Classes for Kids to Enjoy: Toledo Area Favorites

Does your child have an awesome imagination? Maybe they love to color or play with Play-Doh? Well the fine arts might just be something you’d like to have them explore further. We have some great options for art classes in the Toledo area where little Picassos can learn and create!

PBS Encourages Young Writers Day

Save the date: April 10 is National Encourage a Young Writer Day, and PBS wants you to know it! Do you have children and want to encourage literacy? Do you know a young child who...

Road Trip to Henry Ford Museum for Apollo Film

Learn the history of the automotive industry through this captivating museum. Historical highlights at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation include the chair where Abraham Lincoln was shot in, and Rosa Parks Bus....