An admirable adolescent


In a world filled with “What can you do for me?” it was refreshing to meet two young women who were spending an evening to benefit others, volunteering at the annual Chicks for Charity event where close to 700 women gathered to graze, network, chat and raise over $40,000 for The Victory Center.
Winie Barchick-Suter is 11 years old and attends Gesu School. She participates in sports, has a fondness for the creative process, loves to have fun and is clearly enthusiastic about her volunteer work.
Winie volunteered at the first Chicks for Charity event in 2006 at age 7. She has been active in the organization ever since. Winie explained, “I think that Chicks for Charity is a great opportunity for girls and women to get a look at what volunteering should be like. You can have fun while helping a good cause. I always thought that volunteering was selling stuff for school which I personally do not like very much. I think volunteering should be fun and serious at the time without overdoing it.”
Winie was proud to relate how the event has grown since 2006, although it makes up part of her job, giving a blessing before the meal, more challenging.  Winie was nervous when she got on the stage but said her nerves calmed down when she looked at the crowd. As Winie described, “It looked like a sea of faces all smiling together.”
Her other side kick who has been there since the “Chick’s” inception is Katie Pettee.  Katie is a senior at Notre Dame Academy.  Katie became involved through the encouragement of her aunt, Susan Gdowik.  She loves that the event is just for women.  “Women have such a strong bond which is strengthened by being together.”  Katie is also thrilled that the Victory Center was the benefactor of the evening. “It’s a great cause and helps support people through the cancer journey”.  Katie is excited to look for service opportunities as she heads to college next year.
Winie’s parting comment should be posted on every refrigerator.  She stated, “I think that to keep going forward people need to slow down and help others on their way to succeed.”  Words of wisdom from such a young chick.