Happy feet

. March 5, 2013.

   Maturing baby boomers are discovering that age takes its toll, but they don’t have to suffer from foot problems. Retired orthopedic surgeon Tom Merritt and his wife Debbie have opened Foot Solutions, geared towards consumers over 40 who want good looking shoes that treat the pains of bunions, heel spurs and other foot problems. Their store features a variety of dress, career, and casual shoes fitted by employees who have been trained to check each client’s posture, gait, and balance before suggesting which shoes will alleviate pain and promote comfort and support.

Merritt heard of the franchise opportunity from friends, and decided to re-enter the workforce in a business with plenty of customers. “A lot of Americans need help with their feet, but don’t want ‘orthopedic’ shoes,” Merritt says. "Our company offers higher-end, well-made, good-for-your-feet shoes that are also attractive. We also offer custom inserts that fit into any shoe, as well as socks and shoe accessories, bridging the gap between medical shoes that help with medical needs but are often unattractive, and comfort shoes that are attractive but don’t solve foot problems.” He will continue training as he works toward certification as a pedorthist, and looks forward to working with physical therapists, chiropractors, and family doctors to provide shoes that “rejuvenate the sole.”

Foot Solutions is located at 4204 W. Sylvania Avenue and is open Monday thru Friday, 10am-6pm, and Saturday 10am-5pm. 419-214-3668.  www.footsolutions.com/toledo.