Best Friends Host Hit Road Trip Podcast

The summer road trip is a time-honored tradition guaranteed to fortify the bonds of family even while testing the mettle of the most patient...

Beyond the Screen: Finding Fun for Kids Outside the Digital Bubble

In today's digital age, children spend more time on cell phones, social media and streaming services for entertainment and education. While these technologies have many benefits, excessive screen time can negatively impact children's physical and mental health and family relationships.

Summer Reading Ideas to Keep Kids Reading all Summer Long

Lindsey Melden, a local parent and educator, has creative ideas to keep summer reading fun.

What’s On Our Bookshelf this July

Check out these great summer reads that will keep your mind busy throughout July!

Kids Astrology: Leo (July 23 to August 22) 

Cancer (June 22 to July 22) Your cancer child is deeply empathetic, intuitive and attuned to others’ feelings. They seek emotional connections. Your child is...

New Kids on the Block: July/August 2024

Skate of Mind LLC teaches Toledo skaters  Skate of Mind is a new Toledo business that offers private roller skating lessons to children, teens and...

Letter from the Editor: Welcoming a New Baby

For the best reason, this summer presents new and exciting changes for my family. On June 12, me and my husband, Noah, were blessed...

Don’t Wait for Postpartum Anxiety to Get Better

Most every parent has felt, when bringing home a newborn, like they weren’t prepared for this monumental role. Thoughts of potential failure at every...

Kids Astrology: Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

Happy birthday to your cancer child. Cancers are deeply empathetic, intuitive and attuned to others’ feelings and seek emotional connections. This year, the Cancer...

Wolfpack Lacrosse Club: A Tradition of Community and Growth

The Wolfpack Lacrosse Club, established in 1989, is a significant part of the lacrosse community in Toledo.

The State of Disability Awareness and Support in Toledo

City officials and local organizations have worked together to help Toledo make steps towards improved disability awareness and support.

Eco-Fill Shop Owner Jocelyn Blank Offers Products Good For Families and the Environment

Have you ever said to yourself “There’s got to be a better way” as you toss one more giant plastic detergent bottle into the recycling bin? Luckily, there is, thanks to a small business based in Bowling Green.