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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Home: Fun and Festive Ways to make it a...

This year, while many St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivities are canceled or downsized, families can celebrate at home. Try these simple ways to experience Irish food, crafts and culture.

Maker-Minded – Raising DIY Kids

When your electronic gadgets break, does your tween fix them? Do you have a child that builds elaborate housing for pets and dolls out of scraps of craft materials and cardboard boxes? Maybe you’re...

Feline Foster Family

Helping cats became the LaPointes’ passion project.

Hook a Book Lover: 10 Clever Ways to Get Kids to Read

One of the most important skills a parent can encourage is to make their child a reader. Consistent reading leads to successes in academics and gives kids a solid start in life. In fact,...

Mercy Health Children’s goes (with) Nationwide

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a pediatric center based out of Columbus, announced that it will acquire Mercy Health Children’s Hospital effective January 1, 2022.

A Pandemic Pregnancy: Reflections of a local mom-to-be

In June of 2020 my husband and I decided to start a family— during a pandemic, of all times.