SETT for Success

. February 18, 2013.

When we started out, prevention had no face. We are a part of the foundation that proves prevention works. When they come here, they get hope… inspired.” Executive director, Charles Muhammad, said of his organization SETT. SETT stands for Self Expression Teen Theatre, a troupe of teen actors who also function as peer educators and counselors. SETT was started in 1986,recruits members come from Toledo area schools through open auditions participants range from 11-17 years old, and represent a wide spectrum of backgrounds. Every member of the troupe goes through intensive training, covering not only performing arts but also human biology, psychology, self-defense, community resources, and goal-setting that lead to the types of knowledge and skills individuals must acquire in order to take charge of their lives creatively. The performance usually lasts about 45 minutes and includes 10 skits that depict real life situations for teens, such as: teen pregnancy, pressure to have sex, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, difficulties communicating with parents or peers, acquaintance rape, isolation, alienation and suicide. While some are humorous, others depict deep pain, fear or confusion. After each performance the teens welcome comments and questions from the audience. For more info visit
or call Charles Muhammad 419-242-2255.