Local Teen advocates for child abuse awareness

. February 18, 2013.

In Lucas County alone, there are over 1900 reported cases of child abuse each year.  Every day in the U.S., four children die from abuse.  In fall, 2007, with these alarming statistics in mind, ten-year-old Abbey Pawlak, began a grass-roots campaign to end child abuse.  The Sylvania resident gathered 20 donated pumpkins from local farmers, painted them blue, and sold them to friends, family and neighbors, raising $565 for Toledo’s
Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center.  This year the Blue Pumpkin Campaign held a charity volleyball game, raising over $2000 dollars for The Center [and also hosted a dinner]. 
Local ceramics artist Kristen Baldeschwiler supported Abbey’s cause by making blue pumpkin brooches as part of Pawlak’s efforts to make blue pumpkins a Halloween staple that brings awareness to child abuse. “Child abuse prevention is a cause I’m extremely happy to support.  It’s extremely rewarding as an artist to give back to the community, to be supportive of, and to have my work affiliated with, such an important cause,” Baldeschwiler explained. During the Blue Pumpkin’s annual dinner 75% of the brooches sold. 
The Blue Pumpkin Campaign is committed to engage both children and adults in order to build awareness about abuse, neglect and its prevention in our community. 
For more information about The Blue Pumpkin Campaign or the blue pumpkin brooches see www.bluepumpkin.org or www.etsy.com/shop/keystoneclayandbead.