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Are you Being Served?

Many times I opt out of controversy by what I like to call, “playing Switzerland.” What mother isn’t a pro at remaining neutral in a sea of chaos and diverse opinions? Having lived through some pretty hard-hitting life events, I strive to deal with real problems, not imaginary ones. I knew I had found a

Pretty Pretty Princesses

I was never really into Disney princesses when I was little. I guess, being the token female in a house of testosterone, that behaving overtly girly was never an option. As I morphed into a mother of daughters, I had no choice but to jump into getting to know every Disney princess with both glass-slippered

What's briefly happening

We’re not clowning around Lions, tigers and bears- oh my! The Zenobia Shriners present the 63rd annual Shrine Circus, providing thrills and laughs to audiences in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan since 1952. This year, the circus is proud to present the famous Jordon World Circus and their acts that are guaranteed to take your

Take Aim Cupid

The last time I had a man sleep over at the house was due to a tumultuous storm; not one of passion, but one of colliding air masses.