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In need of Nana

Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you have someone in your posse whose strengths are your weaknesses. In my case, the woman who often “shows me the light”-and how to properly accessorize-is Nana. She’s been a steady presence in my life since day one.  Her husband, has known my Dad since childhood and their friendship,

Anya Wojtkowiak

“I never actually watched football on TV but always wanted to play,” says Sylvania McCord Junior High School student Anya Wojtkowiak. “I really liked playing football in the yard with neighbors and wanted to try it. I kept begging my mom to let me try out for the team and she wouldn’t let me until

Special needs guide

With over six million children living with disabilities in the U.S. the obstacles facing kids with disabilities are clear but the issues”typical youth” face are often difficult to understand.