Zany for Zingo’s

I was informed “Same menu, more room,” when I inquired about the recent old renovations at Zingo’s Mediterranean restaurant located in historic downtown Perrysburg. The new addition offers increased seating space as well as additional registers to reduce waiting.  The relaxed atmosphere proved to be just what my family needed after a long day of acting like human “doings” instead of beings.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

It was difficult deciding what to order from their extensive menu. This proved to be more problematic due to the fact that you place your order at a register before proceeding to find a seat. We received “the evil eyeball” from a few patrons behind us in line while my daughters pondered (not so quietly I might add) their options. We finally decided upon Mediterranean Junk Salad ($12), Hummus ($3.50), Feta Chicken ($14) Chicken Tawook ($14), and Shish Kabob ($16) for the four of us to share. Thankfully deciding to sit in a booth in the new addition proved to be an easier decision to conquer than the menu. Once seated, our food was brought to our table in a timely manner.  The servings were plentiful. In fact, we could have easily eliminated one of the dishes and still had enough to go around.

We truly enjoyed our food. Meat and produce is delivered three times a week to the family-owned restaurant ensuring fresh ingredients and healthy options for their clientele. We devoured the Junk Salad that consisted of homemade balsamic vinaigrette over crisp lettuce, red onion, tabbouli, chick peas, gyro meat, cucumber, tomatoes and parsley. There could have been more ingredients in this robust salad but my offspring acted like sharks in the midst of a feeding frenzy. Thankfully, we savored our other selections at a slower pace. Out of the three entrees, we voted the Feta Chicken as the winner, consisting of grilled chicken, zucchini, squash, tomato, and onion on a bed of couscous with feta yogurt sauce. The other entrees were very good, well-seasoned and even received a “tastes almost like Grandma’s” from my youngest.

Table talk

My daughters are part Lebanese and have grown up eating fatoush, grape leaves, gryos and tabbouli. The family dining next to us were enjoying many of these specialties as well the sautéed mushrooms that I wish we would have ordered. I asked the parents if their kids had objections to trying new foods. They informed me that they were Zingo’s regulars and liked to try new menu items when they visited. The family suggested that it would be worth a return visit to try one of Zingo’s sandwich options. It was also recommended that we get a sandwich “Zingo style” (for an additional 75 cents). It comes wrapped and toasted on the grill, perfect for a cold winter’s day. There are fourteen sandwiches to choose from ranging from $6.50 to $7.50.  They did relay that one of their children was not as adventurous as his siblings. He opts to order the Chicken or Gryo Chunks ($5) or the Grilled Cheese Pita ($5) from the kid’s menu.

The perfect ending

Luckily, we debated the dessert choices at our table so we wouldn’t hold up the line again. We didn’t think we could go wrong with any of their dessert options including Baklava ($3), Carrot Cake ($2.50), Oatmeal Toffee Cookie ($2.50) Chocolate Chunk Cookie ($2.50), or the Genuine Chocolate Mess ($3). It’s not surprising, they went with the Genuine Chocolate Mess just for the name. It consisted of a gooey chocolate brownie filled with marshmallows and chocolate chips. We were happy campers. We lingered over dessert, chatted and made a few plans for the upcoming week. We did not feel rushed in any way by their courteous staff and noticed other patrons enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

Upon our departure we discovered an entire wall listing numerous smoothie and juice choices. I pinky promised that we would return in the near future and I look forward to our next visit.  With an accommodating staff and affordable, fresh food- not to mention friendly “table neighbors”- we left feeling zany for Zingo’s.

Zingo’s Mediterranean
106 Louisiana Ave.
Perrysburg, Ohio
Mon-Sat.: 11:00am9pm
Closed Sundays