Wisdom for parents raising men

. February 20, 2013.

Parenting boys is more of a challenge today than it ever has been. Children are bombarded with confused and conflicting messages from every side and in every possible medium. Boys and young men are particularly vulnerable to behavior destructive both to themselves and others.
Parents looking to provide young men with spiritual guidance can listen to the words of  Father Ron Olszewski, who is lecturing at St. Francis De Sales High School on “Raising
Ordinary Boys Into Extraordinary Men
,” on Thursday, October 14. Fr. Olszewski is a former principal of St. Francis, and
presently serves as its president. His decades of experience as a priest and educator make him uniquely suited to provide insight for parents on how to help their adolescent boys avoid pitfalls and reach their full potential. He understands the particular difficulties involved in communicating with boys, and the strategies parents can use to help them grow into men of character. The lecture is recommended for parents of children from ages 10-18, and will be held in the high school’s chapel. 2323 W. Bancroft St.
419-531-1618. www.sfstoledo.org