The Holiday Gift Guide

Make you say "Aww!"

Gear up babies with the natural, organic and adorable products that will be sure to make mommies say “Aww!” From essentials like bedding and diapers to clothing and accessories, parents will love gifts from Ann Arbor’s Elephant Ears. Health-conscience products like bamboo bedding and cloth diapers will be a hit with moms who want to pamper their babies without harming the environment. Now that’s a win-win!

Elephant Ears
451 N. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor


Pampering at its best

For the hard-working parents that have been busy planning and party-throwing, the gift of pampering can’t be beat. Reve Salon and Spa is a full-service destination and is perfect for anything ranging from high-end makeup and hair products to full-body massages. It doesn’t stop there. In addition to the spa treatments are medical treatments including botox injections and rejuvenative peels. Reward your closest friends and family to a $100 gift card for Christmas this year and you will receive another $25 for yourself or someone else on your list.

Reve Salon & Spa
5633 Main St., Sylvania


Kick it into high gear

Channel the energy of anyone into something that will build confidence and character – Sensei Tom Nehrig’s Kempo Martial Arts karate lessons. “Taking karate to the next level” is their motto as they teach group lessons that spotlight the individual. Kempo is a martial art that is perfect for beginners and will train them to be black belts in no time. Get the teens on your Christmas list into the Kempo mindset this holiday season!

Kempo Martial Arts
6801 W. Central Ave, Toledo



Shake your Bon-Bon

Tutus, tap shoes and tiaras have to be somewhere on your little girl’s Christmas list. We’ve found the perfect place where they can get all of that while learning anything from tap and ballet to hip-hop and jazz. Toledo’s Company C offers an array of classes that are full of opportunities for your children to build their love of dance. We’ve deemed it the gift that keeps on giving.

Company C
6540 W Central Ave, Toledo




For the future Architect

Give a gift of creativity- the Lego workshops at Build It! in Perrysburg allow children from pre-K to fifth grade to build creations that will provide lasting memories. Workshops throughout December feature making snow globes, Minecraft worlds, ornaments, robots and more. For those that would like to venture out on their own, Open Play is available to explore the jumbo blocks, learning center and train set. The possibilities are endless and parents will love the chance to see what their little ones will design.

Build It!
5180 Chappel Dr, Perrysburg




Hey, Good Looking!

The arrival of holiday season does not have to be synonymous with unwanted pounds. Give the gift of looking good this year with Sylvania’s Fairwood Health and Beauty Transition programs. Customized weight loss plans, full body wraps, holistic herbal supplements and Lipo-Light treatments will put your loved ones one step closer to being bikini-ready in the spring!

Fairwood Health and Body Transitions
5215 Monroe St., Suite 4, Toledo





Give some R & R

Who says you can’t treat yourself during the holidays? It’s easy to do with Soto Loft & Spa’s gift cards that are a great idea for friends and quality “me” time. Purchasing a $100 gift card for someone else will provide gift-givers with $100 of credit at the salon and spa. Trust the talented team of Soto Beauty Experts to leave you looking rejuvenated throughout the holiday madness this year. We know that giving is better than receiving, but why choose when you can do both?!

Soto Loft & Spa
580 Craig Dr #6, Perrysburg


Happy shopping for the home

Unique and original gifts for children will leave them ecstatic when they receive one-of-a-kind presents from the Paula Brown Shop. The adorable creations from the shop’s Special Kid’s Nook are sure to be great gifts from Santa! There is an array of fun things to choose from so let the Paula Brown Shop personal shoppers help you tailor the most perfect gift.

Paula Brown Shop
912 Monroe St., Toledo




Popcorn Perfection

The most delicious way to say “Happy Holidays” is with a unique flavor of popcorn from Rachel Michael’s Gourmet Popcorn. They make perfect gifts for colleagues, clients and anybody else who appreciates flavors like White Cheese Corn, Buckeye Corn and Buffalo Bleu Cheese. Seasonal flavors will be available during the holidays including Pinot Noir popcorn, Pilgrim popcorn with white chocolate and cranberries, and Dark Mint Chocolate Caramel popcorn with peppermint chips. Bursting with flavor, this is one gift everybody will love!

Rachel Michael’s Gourmet Popcorn
5305 Monroe St., Toledo