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This Is Toledo: A Frank Discussion of Race

Children learn in school that the Civil Rights Movement wiped out segregation and eliminated racism. The recent killings of Black men and women by white police officers tell a different story: racism was never eliminated. While perhaps more subtle, the feelings of superiority remain powerful, pervasive, and systematic. Well-meaning white Americans latched onto the words

Outside Is Open for Exploration at Metroparks Toledo

It’s that time of year in Northwest Ohio–the sun is shining and the weather is warming up–and Metroparks Toledo can offer endless outdoor (socially distanced) opportunities for families.  You might be familiar with our parks and trails, but let me offer you some suggestions to change it up a little bit for you and the

Raising Children of Color in America

Parenting is a joyful experience, but no one can deny its challenges. As well, non-white families often face different challenges from their caucasian counterparts. Whether Muslim, African-American, Hispanic or another race or creed, families often experience racism in their lives, sometimes overt and sometimes subtle or nuanced. As parents, we all want to spare our

2020 Summer Camp Guide

Special Advertising Section *With COVID-19, these summer camps are subject to change or be canceled. Please call ahead to confirm availability. Summer Camps allow children to have educational experiences outside of the classroom, to practice social skills, and — perhaps most importantly — to get them away from technology and out of the house (and