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Striking a Balance with Screen Time — at School and at Home

While online instruction has become a necessity during COVID-19, the question of how much screen time is a healthy amount for children has been replaced at the top of the list of our concerns.  Many parents are just trying to get used to hybrid schedules, working from home while keeping an eye on their children’s

Halloween & Fall Festivities 2020 Round-Up

Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean we need to hunker down for winter just yet. There are plenty of fun fall activities just starting to kick off around the area. So get outside, enjoy the beauty of autumn, and explore some of the Toledo area! Toledo Fall Festival at Ottawa ParkOct. 17,

Corn Maze Round-Up 2020

There’s nothing more refreshing than the smell and feel of the crisp autumn air. With the ever-present global pandemic, enjoying typical fall activities can get tricky while social distancing. If you want to participate in fall fun but don’t want to mingle with big crowds, consider a nearby corn maze. Each maze offers ample room

Not-Too-Spooky Halloween Flicks for the Whole Family

You want to give the kids a taste of October fun without having them see anything too scary? We got you covered. Here are ten great Halloween movies the whole family can enjoy, and where to find them! 1. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – This stop-motion animated classic has been a favorite

Moms Who Do It at Home

It’s a well-known story: women put aside their hopes and dreams to raise a family. As men statistically make more than women– women make 81.6 cents to the dollar according to the 2018 US Census Bureau— men’s careers historically take precedence in heterosexual relationships. This oftentimes leaves women struggling to juggle work, household duties, and

Open House Guide 2020

On average, and in normal times, children spend 1,000 hours each year in school, and that doesn’t include extracurricular activities. With school being such a huge part of a child’s life, it is important to find the perfect fit where a child can feel comfortable, challenged, and engaged. Fortunately, in the Toledo area we are