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Moms Who Do It at Home

It’s a well-known story: women put aside their hopes and dreams to raise a family. As men statistically make more than women– women make 81.6 cents to the dollar according to the 2018 US Census Bureau— men’s careers historically take precedence in heterosexual relationships. This oftentimes leaves women struggling to juggle work, household duties, and

Communication is Key

Now that wearing masks in public is pervasive—and mandatory in shared indoor spaces— most have adapted to the accompanying challenges. It can be difficult to breath, it’s hot, you might experience skin irritations, and so on. For community members who are Deaf and hard of hearing, masks have created communication challenges, animpediment that hearing people

Open House Guide 2020

On average, and in normal times, children spend 1,000 hours each year in school, and that doesn’t include extracurricular activities. With school being such a huge part of a child’s life, it is important to find the perfect fit where a child can feel comfortable, challenged, and engaged. Fortunately, in the Toledo area we are

30+ FREE Virtual Learning Resources That Kids Will Love

One of the benefits of children learning from home is that parents can control the curriculum. You can adjust each activity to best suit the needs and interests of your child to provide optimal learning and fun. As long as your child is learning the necessary skills, how you cover the subject matter if up

Letter from the Editor: My White Response to Black Lives Matter

Sometimes it’s wise to remain silent; other times it’s important to speak up. For me, this is a time to raise my voice in support of Black lives and to amplify Black voices whenever I can.  The senseless recent killings of Black Americans, regrettably, are nothing new. From young Emmett Till’s murder and mutilation in