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Erin is a writer/editor, yoga teacher, and mama to two little ones.

30+ FREE Virtual Learning Resources That Kids Will Love

One of the benefits of children learning from home is that parents can control the curriculum. You can adjust each activity to best suit the needs and interests of your child to provide optimal learning and fun. As long as your child is learning the necessary skills, how you cover the subject matter if up

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?

Parents know instinctively that young children need to run and play. They need to create their own universes and go outside to exercise their muscles. They need unstructured time to make up games and act out their stories. Instead, many children are choosing to stay indoors and have “screen time.” Those screen time minutes are

Letter from the Editor: 10 Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Home

Celebrating as a family unit I’ve heard many people lament that the holidays will look different this year with social distancing and COVID-19. While I feel for all of those who will be missing out on much-needed time with loved ones, part of me (admittedly) is looking forward to holidays with just my immediate family. 


Support local, shop small, buy smart Sure, you can order a bunch of popular toys from Amazon this holiday season— toys that your child will surely love…and then promptly forget about over time— or you can focus on buying local, supporting small businesses, and surrounding your child with educational toys that will outlast the Trolls

November/December Giveaway

If the mom in your life is “impossible to buy for,” get a headstart on your holiday gift giving with this self-care package for mom! Give her time to pamper herself by treating her skin to Vedic Botanicals Radiance Face Cream, a blend of herbs that maintain youthful radiance ($18), and spritzing with Balancing Body

Toledo Public Schools and the Metroparks Announce New Partnership

A new trail will connect Toledo Public School Hawkins Elementary and Toledo Botanical Garden, which became part of Metroparks Toledo three years ago. Since then, the park system has maintained and enhanced the garden beds and made numerous other improvements, such as adding the long-anticipated children’s discovery play area. As a result, visitation to the