Inflatable fun


When your kids hear about
Sylvania Playland, they’ll be jumping up and down begging you to take them!
Russ and Melissa Radkov have two young and very energetic children.  In September 2009, they opened Sylvania Playland, an indoor playground and bounce house.  “The play area is 9,000 square feet.  It’s huge,” said Ms. Radkov.  It includes inflatables for children and 4 swing sets.  “We have open play all the time,” said Ms. Radkov. 
Birthday parties are made easy for parents with bright, private party rooms for small or large parties.  Sure to be a winner with the children is the candy and ice cream shop open in the spring.
3620 Centennial Rd. (between Central and Sylvania). Hours: Monday-Friday 9a.m.-noon and 4-9p.m., Saturday 9a.m.-9p.m. and Sunday 10a.m.-8p.m. 419-517-9094/