Amada Barwaldt has a labor of love

. March 1, 2016.

Mom, doula, entrepreneur, animal enthusiast, and roller derby blocker are a few of the hats that Amanda Baerwaldt of Thrive Birth Services wears. From a young age, Amanda has been passionate about caring for creatures who needed some help. As an elementary student, she was a volunteer at the Humane Society, which led to a job, as well as volunteering as a veterinary tech.

Accidental Doula

Four years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Baerwaldt hired a doula because she thought it would be good to have someone to help her through the laboring process. Amanda was blown away by her doula’s services and how much she relied on her. This experience led her to becoming a doula through education and training at DONA International, where she became certified as a doula. 

After working towards her certification, Amanda began operating Thrive Birth Services and also works as a consultant through Toledo Family Doulas. As a doula, Amanda has had dance parties at 4 a.m. to calm a laboring mother, as well as, tending to nervous partners.

Steady Growth

Barwaldt has operated Thrive Birth Services since June 2015 and has seen her business grow steadily. She currently works as a DONA trained double, providing services within a 60 mile radius monthly. Toledo Family Doulas is also an agency she works with to manage workflow and scheduling. 

Of all these titles, Amanda, is most concerned with her role as mom, raising compassionate young ladies. Amanda is mom to two daughters, one and four and years old. 


Thrive Birth Services, 4828 N. Arvilla Dr.