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Letter from the Editor: 10 Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Home

Celebrating as a family unit I’ve heard many people lament that the holidays will look different this year with social distancing and COVID-19. While I feel for all of those who will be missing out on much-needed time with loved ones, part of me (admittedly) is looking forward to holidays with just my immediate family. 

Anti-Racist Kids Movies as a Tool for Parenting

RaShya Ghee is a Toledo attorney, lecturer and mom whose expertise is American racism. American racism is at the forefront of our national discourse…again. International protests, the assertion that Black Lives Matter, and discussions about America’s racial history are on the lips of everyone from senator Mitt Romney to corporate giants like Amazon. This has

Letter from the EDITOR

While preschool/daycare is scary (maybe more for us parents than our kids), the social, emotional and academic growth children gain from the experience is indisputable. My only recommendation: find a program that fits your child’s needs and has amazing teachers.

West Side Mother and Head of School Illuminates a Unique Educational Environment

Jenn Schoepf, West Side Montessori (WSM) Head of School, always knew she wanted to be a teacher. Twenty-five years ago, with a newly acquired Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Schoepf walked into WSM seeking her first teaching job. Finding that the Montessori method embodied her passion for education, Schoepf went on to earn her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education with Montessori emphasis.