Gifts from the heart


It's the thought that counts, right? That mindset seems to be lost in today's hustle and bustle, "bigger is better" society. Not in my household. 🙂
I know time is precious, especially to busy parents, however, with websites like Pinterest, many people are bringing "the thought that counts" mindset back. That  extra few minutes spent on a special gift for someone is time well spent. I enjoy making gifts from the heart for friends and family. It's like a game, searching for the best idea to match their personality. I hope my children will enjoy crafting and creating as much as I do. By teaching our children that gifts made from the heart are more special and personal than anything store bought, they will learn to give to others with love.

We always make gifts for the kiddos to give when it comes to holiday time. For Christmas last year, we made cookie jars with all the kids hand prints and filled them with home made cookies! That was one of my favorites. For mother's day, we took canvas and made butterfly footprints courtesy of the glorious Pinterest. If you haven't tried it out, you definitely should! It's like a giant brain full of imaginative, creative, wonderful ideas for all things home made and DIY. It's where I go to share and find ideas for some of my projects.

Easter, Passover, and Mother's Day, and wedding season are all coming up – here are some of my favorite craft gift ideas that you can make with your kids.

1. For the love in your life: 52 Reasons I love you!

Difficulty: Moderate, will take some time coming up with ideas, but to craft will take about 30-40 minutes.

Things you'll need:
-1 deck of playing cards
-List of 52 reasons
-Glue stick or adhesive dots
-Scrap booking paper or festive colored paper

Finding 52 reasons why you love somebody should be an easy task. But, writing them all down may be time consuming. So, I suggest when you begin this gift take a notebook and write down reasons as they come up in daily life. (This will be helpful if you're a busy super mom!)

Once you have your 52, you can either type them up or write them on some plain white paper. Next, you'll cover the front of the cards with your festive paper. Once you have your cards covered, take your reasons and glue them on top of the festive paper.

That's it. you're done!

2. Coupon Book

Difficulty: Moderate, will take about 40 minutes

Things you'll need:

-Festive scrap book paper
-Hand made or printed "certificates"
-Glue stick
-Hole punch
-Binding for the coupon book such as brads or ribbon

This one is pretty easy. First you'll need to sit down and come up with some treats for your sweetie. Than can be actual treats, like a favorite baked good or candy bar, or date ideas etc. Use your imagination! Create your own certificates using Microsoft Word or any other program. Print them off, then glue them onto the paper. You can be as creative as you like with this one! Use stickers, pictures…Whatever you choose to personalize them. Create a cover for your certificate book. Once you've got all your certificates ready, use a hole punch in the top corner of each certificate. Then you can bind them with whichever method you prefer, I used ribbon because I thought it was cute! Viola! Gift complete.

3. Love potion

Difficulty: Easy, can be done in under 20 minutes.

Things you'll need:

-Your honey's favorite bottled drink
-Avery address labels
-Colorful markers or stickers

Another easy, quick gift! When you're out at the grocery store, pick up a six pack of your friend or family member's favorite drink. It can be an adult beverage, or soda,  whatever they like! To create the labels, you can either use colorful markers to write on them yourself, use Microsoft Word to type up your own. Once you've finished your labels, stick them on the bottles over the brand label and you're all set! (Note: this can be done for candy bars as well!)


I am a full time wife and mommy of three beautiful girls ages 8, 2 1/2 and 1. I work part time at an Insurance agency two days a week. I really love spending time outside with my kids in the sunshine! Give us a sunny day and we'll be out on the swing set, at the park or riding bikes! Crafting, reading, writing, music and swimming are some of my hobbies. When I can get out kiddo free, (ha!) I enjoy seeing movies, the occasional glass of wine and going to the comedy club!  Check out her blog at Mommy's Musings.