Celebrating Diversity and Community through Film

Whitmer High School celebrates Victory Day annually, which is, according to student Megan Webb, “When we as Whitmer High School get together at an event and have special needs children who go to our school feel part of the school and part of our community. They get to run down the field with the football players, with the cheerleaders cheering for them as they run, and they get the feeling of being loved by the community.”

Bobby Landis filmed last year’s Victory Day events last August and Megan edited the film into a short video highlighting that day’s events. Megan wanted the video to capture her school’s sense of community. She explains, “We, as a community, like to include everyone, no matter what sport you’re in or what quirkiness you have. We do a lot of stuff in the community that involves everyone, whether you have a disability or you’re really smart.”

The video was displayed on Whitmer’s morning announcements and was presented at one of the board meetings for Washington Local Schools. Whitmer football players, including Justice Jones, Roby Ladd, Chris Mikolajeyz, and Lauran Hail, appeared in the video, as well as University of Toledo football coach Matt Campbell.

Megan, a junior at Whitmer, plans to attend the University of Toledo in 2015 to study media, and she hopes to be on UT 10 (the university news channel) because her long-term career goal is to be a news anchor.

View Whitmer’s “Victory Day 2013” by Megan Webb at https://www.ihigh.com/wls4kids/video_922122.html

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