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Teaching Teens Mindfulness

Although schools do their best to provide children and adolescents with coping skills, sometimes the important skill of mindfulness cannot fit in the digital, test-centered school curriculums.

Coaching the Coach

Parents intervening in children’s team sports I officially became a “soccer mom” last year when my eight-year-old daughter joined her local soccer team. On a traveling soccer team, you witness many games besides your own and a variety of teams, and I’ve been shocked to witness parents shouting aggressively at coaches…and even other children. In

We Survived The First Year Of Jr/Sr High School…and you will too

Last year as my twins finished sixth grade, my anxiety bubbled to the surface. All summer long, I worried about their impending transition to the junior/senior high school for seventh through twelfth graders. As August approached, my fears grew more intense as I thought of all the unanswered “what if” questions that rattled through my