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Home Improvement Starts in the Heart

The Playhouse Project If you have logged more hours of HGTV than Joanna Gaines, then this might be the perfect family opportunity for you. The Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity Playhouse Project is an inspiring outlet for heart and creativity. Groups volunteer to build little playhouses for children who want them but whose family can’t

Directing the Digital Drama

“Do not prepare the road for your child, prepare your child for the road.” This practical piece of wisdom proves even truer when applied to cyber safety, which is more pertinent now more than ever as children spend more time on their screens than pre-coronavirus.  Encourage self regulating and self monitoring  Monica Abdelkodous, a school

Motherhood During COVID-19: Everything is Fine (it’s not)

My family has every advantage to get us through a pandemic: a spacious home, a stocked pantry, multiple electronic devices per family member, and plenty of good humor to go around. I am the envy of my immigrant child-self! And yet, somehow I find myself languishing in some embarrassing self-pity. I had to really unpack

A Big Heart and a Healthy Body

Ohio surrogate helps families feel complete. The decision to have and raise children allows many families to truly feel complete. For couples who need the compassion and aid of another to hold the next member of their family in their arms, a surrogate provides a means to that end. Thirty-three year old Emily Westerfeld is

The Origin Story of a Local HER-o

Visionary mom shares her odyssey Toledo mom, Lexi Hayman-Staples, is busy making Toledo even more awesome. Toledo’s art and LGBTQIA+ community knows that without Hayman-Staples, there might not be a thriving art center, and there certainly would not be a robust Toledo Pride celebration. Lexi is the Artistic Director for the Collingwood Art Center and