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Child & Parent Empowerment

Teaching families safety, survival skills. Ashley Glinka is a pretty cool mom to twins and a 6-year-old, but she also is a former Federal Air Marshall who flew overseas anti-terrorism missions. Those experiences led her to create The Child & Parent Empowerment Program. The details The program is a two-hour class for parents, teachers and

Kids And Chiropractors: Setting Kids Up For A Lifetime Of Good Health

It’s something everyone wants: to be healthy, happy and living their best life. Parents want their families to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. While parents make sure kids eat well, get enough sleep and visit the doctor and dentist for routine check-ups, could regular visits to the chiropractor help to achieve optimal health? Right

Beyond Books

New director at Toledo Library Hopefully you’re no stranger to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. With renovations recently completed at Main Library, 20 locations throughout the area and new programming popping up every month, there’s a lot happening at the library these days, including a new director at the helm. A new chapter Jason