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Don’t get Snookied

I consider myself extremely easy going, but I insist dinner be “unplugged” and gadget free. We were gathered around the family dinner table when my exchange student tried to take a sneak peak at her cell, at least that’s what I hoped was going on. The prospect of her looking down at her crotch and

Trotting Out My Turkey

In the third grade my son’s class put on a Thanksgiving program in which he starred as both a turkey and a rapper and read an essay he wrote entitled, “Why I’m Thankful for My Education.” I value overachievement so it was comforting to see my son following my example of excellence. As it turned

Tell Martha It Takes More Than Windex!

In a rare moment of solitude I found something miraculous, an empty couch and the TV remote in plain sight.  I immediately sat down and enjoyed my moment of power. I quickly flipped past MTV, The Disney Channel and headed to The Martha Stewart Show.  The woman does not understand my life. Does she really

My Left Hand

My wife recently found a crushed spider on the floor of our kitchen and asked me to pick it up.  I picked it up with my toes while carrying my baby in my right arm Baby Dee has always enjoyed the human touch, and after the first few months of sobering tranquility, she decided that

Enough is enough

During the holiday season, the line between abundance and overindulgence is easily blurred as a parent’s wish for their children’s happiness and toy marketing crash together. This creates an urge in parents to buy more, give more, says Jean Illsley Clarke, a nationally certified family life educator. “Children can learn to be unappreciative when they

Know Your Audience

A few weeks ago, my husband and I asked our 4-year-old son, Billy, if he wanted to go to a college hockey game. He said yes and we bought the tickets, excited to share this sport with him for the first time. When it came time to leave for the game, though, Billy had changed