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I see sick people

Two days before baby girl Dee arrived this August, the World Health Organization announced it had logged over 182,000 cases of lab-confirmed “pandemic influenza H1N1.”  We were blessed with a big, strong, and healthy newborn, but that didn’t erase our worries. In the months since she’s been a part of our family, I have noticed

Air baby

Whatever happened to “Announcing pre-boarding for those traveling with small children?”  Those words echo in my own childhood memories, from summer trips to Grandma’s farm.  Somehow, they seem to have slipped out of the airlines’ current lexicon.  Instead, super-elite passengers boarded first, then moderately elite, followed by secret-decoder-ring elite.  Roll-on suitcases, not diaper bags, demanded

On the road

Who would have thought that the 1994 Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock action film, Speed, would provide helpful guidance to a new parent? We brought our baby home from the hospital at the end of August.  After the whirlwind of childbirth, long nights in a hospital room trying to catch a few minutes of sleep,

ScoldyPants Couture

Babies come with a lot of gear.  As expecting parents, we were struck by the wide variety of stuff available from our very first pre-delivery visits to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.  How did our own parents get by without all of the handy inventions now available?  It’s hard not to appreciate how

Total recall

Last month, I wrote about the many wonderful products out there to make baby’s life easier.  But the existence of all of these gadgets has a downside. Imported products have enabled parents to have access to cost-affordable goods to address all manner of baby needs, from feeding to sleeping to playtime.  But perhaps due to

Never say never again

Parenthood involves a number of lessons. Sure, we teach baby how to sit, hold a spoon, and tell us “more” by pressing pudgy hands together. But as any parent knows, just as many lessons flow in the other direction. One of the ones we’ve had to learn is that new parents have to be flexible