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Terry the trooper

Terry and I met in Lamaze class.  We were pregnant with our first children and immediately gravitated toward each other.  It may have been her kind face or the fact that she was the only other woman in our class employed, over eighteen and married.  Either way, from that day on, we have been sharing

Gifts from the heart

It's the thought that counts, right? That mindset seems to be lost in today's hustle and bustle, "bigger is better" society. Not in my household. 🙂 I know time is precious, especially to busy parents, however, with websites like Pinterest, many people are bringing "the thought that counts" mindset back. That  extra few minutes spent

On the road

Who would have thought that the 1994 Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock action film, Speed, would provide helpful guidance to a new parent? We brought our baby home from the hospital at the end of August.  After the whirlwind of childbirth, long nights in a hospital room trying to catch a few minutes of sleep,

The family camping experience

On one fateful Friday the 13th  weekend in July, as a prepubescent girl, I found myself in my own “Survivor” episode.  Some of the more negative members of our posse would say it more closely resembled a chapter out of “Lord of the Flies.”    Three families naively headed to Pokagon State Park with the intention

ScoldyPants Couture

Babies come with a lot of gear.  As expecting parents, we were struck by the wide variety of stuff available from our very first pre-delivery visits to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.  How did our own parents get by without all of the handy inventions now available?  It’s hard not to appreciate how

Cases of mistaken identity

I am certain by now you have come to the conclusion that my family is similar to one of my favorite Far Side cartoons.  In the scene you are privy to seeing the notes of a psychologist as he sits by his couch bound patient.  On a notepad he has written in bold capital letters,