Celebrating Birthdays During Coronavirus Quarantine

How to still make the day special

When you’re a kid, birthdays are a special event…something you anticipate all year long. Kids count down the months and days until they’re one year older. Coronavirus has forced many families to cancel their Spring Break plans, but birthdays shouldn’t also need to be put on hold. 

Here are some ways to celebrate that special little one in your life AND support local businesses: 

  1. Order a special birthday cake and have it delivered. McKiddy Cakes, located in Sylvania, offers custom cakes with free delivery! 
  2. Pick up some DIY cookie kits–aka “Quarantine Care Packages” as a fun family activity from The Next Sweet Thing, which offers curbside pickup. Kit includes 12 cutout cookies, pink, blue & yellow royal icing bags, and green sprinkles ($15.99). 
  3. Mayberry Ice Cream is offering family “Ice Cream Care Packages” that include two pints, two toppings (Oreos, sprinkles, M&Ms, or nuts), homemade waffle chips ($14). 
  4. Organize a car parade! Other parents are eager to get out of the house and support other families. Post to Facebook what time you want people to drive by and allow this birthday to be one the kids will always remember.
  5. Receive a personalized, magical birthday message from local magician Andrew Martin and his son, Eli, for FREE! Email your child’s name and birth date to Andrewmartinmagic@gmail.com

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