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The Adams-Brewer family. Photo by Brenna Adams.

Has COVID Killed Women’s Rights?

A recent article from The New York Times highlighted the discrepancy between the amount of homeschooling, childcare, and household duties that mothers are taking on versus their male counterparts. Nearly half of men claim they...

Letter from the Editor: 10 Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Home

Celebrating as a family unitI’ve heard many people lament that the holidays will look different this year with social distancing and COVID-19. While I feel for all of those who will be missing out...

30+ FREE Virtual Learning Resources That Kids Will Love

One of the benefits of children learning from home is that parents can control the curriculum. You can adjust each activity to best suit the needs and interests of your child to provide optimal...

Coronavirus: Forced Rest

Dealing with COVID-19 and housebound children

How to Make the Weekend Feel Special During COVID-19

Fun kids activities to make the weekend still feel like a weekend

Holiday Cheer During Covid-19

By Delray BuschHoliday Carriage Rides at Levis CommonsEnjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday season with a Clydesdale-drawn Holiday Carriage Ride through Levis Commons!Upper’s Winter Fantasy of LightsHarrison Smith Park, just east of...