Celebrating Ramadan with Social Distancing

This year Ramadan will be extremely different for many Muslims who observe the month of fasting. Ramadan is often filled with lots of family and friend iftars (breaking of fast dinners), prayers at the Mosques, charity-giving and fun activities for children.

Ramadan, which begins on April 24, can still be a memorable moment for children this year, despite quarantines and social-distancing. Here are some fun ways children and families can have a great month in the Toledo-area. 

  1. Grab a Ramadan cookie-decorating kit from So Sweet Lebanese and French Pastries or ask other local bakeries close to you to make them. Baked Toledo is also taking orders for paint-your-own Ramadan cookies! Ramadan-Pastries-from-So-Sweet
  2. Check out this awesome local business, Sprouting Buds, that makes Ramadan items and crafts. Their eco-friendly Ramadan plate set is absolutely adorable for Ramadan meals. They offer free local delivery with the code LOCAL.
  3. Continue the practice of giving during Ramadan if you are able to. Help kids make thank you cards to local grocery stores, such as Sidon, where many employees will be fasting long days while working hard during these busy times. Mail Ramadan cards to family and friends. There are lots of printable Ramadan cards on Etsy to choose from. 
  4. Check with your local Mosques to see what they are offering. Some are offering virtual lectures, meal distributions and food pantries. Contact them if you are in need of food or if you would like to donate.
  5. Have an e-iftar with friends and families! Choose two or three families and decide who will make what and drop it off! One family can be in charge of a side dish, another a dessert and another a main meal. If you are alone, see if you can join another family on Zoom to break fast with them. 
  6. Continue working out if you are able to. Fasting 12+ hours a day with kids at home may be challenging, as it was during the summer. Take some time to yourself and practice yoga or low-impact exercising before Iftar (breaking of fast) or in the morning. On Instagram, The Fitnest usually has great Ramadan workout ideas. Check with local studios to see if they offer gentle yoga classes. My personal go-to is Yogaja Yoga
  7. Find Ramadan-related books at your local bookstore! Check out Gathering Volumes in Perrysburg — they do curbside pick up. Or do a Ramadan book exchange with friends. 

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone celebrating! 

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