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Celebrating Ramadan with Social Distancing

This year Ramadan will be extremely different for many Muslims who observe the month of fasting. Ramadan is often filled with lots of family and friend iftars (breaking of fast dinners), prayers at the Mosques, charity-giving and fun activities for children. Ramadan, which begins on April 24, can still be a memorable moment for children

Let Noor Run: Sylvania High School Athlete Reflects On Unfair Disqualification

When 16-year-old Noor Abukaram from Sylvania participated in a cross country meet last October 19, she never imagined that her fastest 5k, at 22 minutes and 22 seconds, would not officially count. Officials disqualified Abukaram, a member of the Sylvania Northview’s girls cross country team, at the Division 1 Northwest District cross country meet in

Greenlight: The Debit Card for Kids

Financial independence is a step toward adulthood, but it’s terrifying to think about handing a debit card over to a teenager. Greenlight proposes a solution: a debit card for kids that is monitored by parents through an app.