The Salvation Army is helping families pay for school supplies


School is almost in session, which means money it’s time to fork over money for new school supplies. Backpack, pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders might not seem costly, but just like groceries, the price quickly adds up, burning a hole in your pocket. If this time of year stresses you out financially, fear not. The Salvation Army strives to help those who might not be able to start school with the supplies needed for academic success.

In order to apply for assistance, parents or guardians need to bring photo ID, proof of address (i.e. utility bill) current within 30 days, proof of income current within 30 days, and a birth certificate or proof of custody for each child.

Applications will be accepted from 9-11am and 1-3pm on both days, Wednesday, July 20 and Thursday, July 21.

The Salvation Army Admin Office, 620 North Erie St. 419-241-1138 x116.