Family Favorites: COVID Edition

. April 13, 2020.

Little things to make parenting a bit easier during this shelter-at-home period.

Soy Candles 

From stinky diapers to foul bathrooms, every family needs a few candles to mask everyday odors (especially with the entire family home and using the bathroom so much more!). Soy candles burn cleaner and longer than traditional candles, like NYC-based mama-owned company Scrumptious Wicks, with unique scents like Mango Lassi and Indian Monsoon. Delivery available. Virtually visit your local candle stores, including Swan Creek Candle Company and RiverFront Candle Company, for other soy candle options. 

Buddha Boards


Stress levels are higher than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re feeling frazzled, decompress with the Buddha Board. Portable and slim, simply unfold the board, wet the brush and start creating with a paintbrush effect, letting go of your worries about the future and tuning into the present moment instead. When the water dries, you’re left with a blank slate, allowing you to repeatedly create without generating waste. Available at Target, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart and online at

CBD Bath Bombs

Finding time for self care can be difficult for parents, especially now that kids are home full time. CBD bath bombs, like the Life Elements Bath Bomb (delivery available), are an affordable way to ease tension and relieve tight muscles. CBD bath bombs are also available at Toledo Hemp Center, Buff City Soap, Handmade Toledo, and The Shed

Baby Wraps


There is a reason baby-wearing has made a resurgence in American culture: it’s easy, convenient and it provides parents with much-needed hands-free time while still keeping baby snuggled close (and away from germs!). The moms at Toledo Parent recommend a sling for newborns, like the Ring Sling, and something sturdier, like the Ergo, for babies over 4 months. Buy them used at Once Upon a Child or new at Target.

BBLuv Sunkito Pop-Up Tent

Tents are a must-have for families sheltering at home; they provide hours of imaginative play. The BBLuv Sunkito is a convenient pop-up tent that collapses into a small circle, making it perfect for storing or traveling, and it’s small enough to set up inside during the colder days for indoor play.