Medi-Pals makes oral medication manageable

Medi-Pals is a local medication dispenser company that makes giving medication to babies and children much easier. Medi-Pals patented split-tip design fans medicine out to the sides of the mouth, as opposed to, squirting it down the throat like a traditional medicine dispenser. Founder, Todd Strayer, believes this design is safer and easier because the child controls the flow of the medicine and the recommended dose is received. The gag reflex is not activated since it flows to the side, and it helps babies get used to the texture and taste of medicine.

The idea for Medi-Pals came about out of frustration after a doctor’s appointment for Grace, Strayer’s daughter. As the nurse administered an oral dose of the Roto-Virus vaccine, baby Grace thrust a good amount out of her mouth. The Strayers were worried about the effectiveness of the medication since their baby girl did not receive the intended dosage. They began thinking of ways to combat the problem.

After a couple of years of building and testing prototypes on their daughter and friends’ children, they finally settled on a design and launched Medi-Pals in February 2015.

The colorful Medi-Pals faceplates can be found in three designs: a ladybug, crab, and frog and are less intimidating than a typical medicine dispenser. Most babies want to put everything in their mouth, so it’s a natural response when they see Medi-Pals.

There also is a simple disposable dispenser for use in hospitals and doctors' offices. All of the pieces are manufactured locally by DRS Industries and Basilius Inc. Strayer is always looking for ways to make the current dispenser better and to expand his product offerings.

 Right now you can find Medi-Pals at and also online at Amazon.
They will soon be in Lullaby Lane and select pharmacies.