Parent profile

. January 29, 2013.

The main function of Lucas County Children Services (LCCS) is to provide the necessary services for families with children who are determined to be at risk for abuse and neglect.  One of the
advocates for families and children is Marjorie Holt, Ph.D., the Minority Affairs Inclusion Coordinator for LCCS. “I am a liaison between the agency and the community,” says Dr. Holt.  Though she does many things at LCCS, her main responsibility is to find community resources to team with LCCS in furthering their mission of protecting children and families.

Children are our future
Dr. Holt believes the impact we have on these children’s lives now, will be reflected in the community later.  “Save our children now so they can save us later,” says Dr. Holt. It’s proven that having a father involved in a child’s life is vital for children and the continued strengthening of families. To encourage more involvement and to unite/reunite fathers with their children, Dr. Holt, along with LCCS case workers and the Diversity Advisory Group, organized the second annual Fatherhood Summit held this past summer.
The summit was a way for fathers to hear testimonials from other men who have been reunited with their children.  The Bring Back The Dads event offered several resources including counseling to help make reunification possible. “Lucas County leads the state in reunification of children with their fathers,” says Dr. Holt.

Strength in numbers
Marjorie Holt is on a mission, and has been for many years. Not only is it the LCCS mission to protect children and help families, but it is Holt’s individual goal as well. There is strength in numbers, and Dr. Holt sees to it that the word gets out about LCCS and how people and organizations in the community can get involved, work together, and pool resources.