Motherly Love

. April 26, 2013.

Mother: Chrys Peterson
Daughter: Riley

"Have you ever had a friend? Someone who goes everywhere with you, and someone who always has your back? That person you can tell anything to, and know for certain that she won't tell anyone? I have had the joy of having a friend like this. She is the single most important thing in my entire life, and I love her to death! We have been best friends for as long as I can remember. She was with me when I learned to talk, walk, and all throughout my early life, through today. She always takes care of me, and picks me up when I fall. One of the things I love most about her is that no matter how bad her day is, she always puts me, my problems, and my life first. My friend works very hard at her job. She goes to her job at 3 p.m, and doesn't get home until 1 a.m. But I have to get up in the morning and go to school at 7 a.m., and she just gets up with me without one complaint.  So have you ever had a friend like this? I have had the fortune to know a friend like this. And that friend is the one and only, Chrys Peterson. She is not only my mom, but my best friend as well. And I couldn't ask for a better best friend to spend my life with."  — Riley Peterson, 12

Mother: Ashley Hunt
Children: Leah and Dakotah

“Because I love her paint nails. She takes me to the store and she is rich! I love my mommy and my family. She takes me to school and reads books to me. She loves my heart.”  —Leah Ann Hunt, 4

“I love her way up into space and she makes the best food! Mommy makes the best breakfast with good sausage and nice pancakes. I love mommy because she is my heart. Mom is the luckiest mom in the universe.” — Dakotah James Hunt, 6


Mother: Kathy Weber-Moldawsky
Daughter: Meredith

"My mom is special because she cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me. She always gives me hugs and kisses. I love my mom because she cares for me. I also love her because she tells me I'm good at stuff I don't know I'm good at." — Meredith Moldawsky, 7



Mom: Adela Tremp
Daughter: Lisa Tremp Urritia

“I love how my mom, Adela, has such a giving spirit. We stopped by her house one Sunday after running errands. She was sharing with my children Andrew and Kathryn how she was buying a goat through Heifer International [a nonprofit organization that gives gifts of livestock, seeds, trees and training to help those in need to be self-sustaining]. She was telling both kids how important it is to not just give things to others, but to help them learn to help themselves. All of us were laughing because Andrew and Kathryn thought she was going to have the goat in the courtyard of her condo (yes, we are a naïve and literal bunch). I am thankful for the gift of my Mom, the gift of children who have a relationship with grandparents, and for simple pleasures on a Sunday afternoon.” —Lisa Tremp Urritia, Toledo



Mother: Angie Gonzales Deiter

“My mom is special because she is caring and she listens to people. My mom works with special needs children, she loves working with 'her kids.' Even though she has been through breast cancer and chemo, she did not get weird. She still stayed on top of things. She did not get bitter; she is still nice and happy. My mom gets on me about a lot of stuff, but I know that she wants what is best for me and she wants me to succeed in life. My mom is funny and is a lot fun at parties! She enjoys scrapbooking. She makes our family look pretty good. Even though she was scared out of her mind, she taught me how to drive and even took me on the express way a couple times. She is one brave mama. My mom is one hell of a fighter! That is why she is the greatest mom in the world to me, and she likes me BEST!” —Dylan Deiter, 16

“My mother is special because there is nobody like her on the Earth. I thank God daily for everything she’s provided me with. That past fourteen years she has provided me with food, a place to live, and support through everything from sports to education. She knows me better than anyone else, even me. Being a socially awkward and shy teenager, she has pulled me out of the isolation in my shell and I appreciate it immensely. Most of all she is just a fun person in general. My friends consider her a mom to them as well. Calling her “mom” means much more than just a simple name given to parents.  A mom is always there for her kids and would do anything for them. Even when I drive her insane she still loves me and that’s special. Many kids in the world will never experience having a true mom like me, and I couldn’t be any more lucky. I can’t even begin to count the things she has done for me.  She’s put up with me my whole life. She’s put up with a house full of boys but still wakes up with a smile on her face. She is forgiving, loving, fun, and really connects with everyone. Saying thanks for everything she has done would be an understatement. She’s a strong woman. She raised two kids well, suffered much but still got up, and survived breast cancer. My life wouldn’t be the way it is if I never had that assistance from her and I am forever indebted to her. I’m beyond grateful for what she’s gone through to just see me succeed because it makes her happy. That’s why my mom is one of a kind.” Brendan Deiter,  age 14



Mother: Meredith Hustwick, Sylvania

 "My mom is special to me because she takes me places. I love mommy because she loves me. I love mommy because she is lucky. I love mommy because she is sweet and she is a girl." — Hadley Hustwick, 3

"My mom is special because she loves me and takes care of me." — Madeline Hustwick, 6

Mother: Crystal Joza, Toledo    

 "There are so many wonderful things about our mom that make her such a great mother. One reason our mom is so special is the fact that she never forgets things that we need. We love that our mom is so creative and wants to show us new things about our world each day that teach us a lot about ourselves. She is always in a good mood and is always thinking of fun things to do with our family. Mom is awesome, because she’s pretty and I love her hugs and kisses. Our mom is there to support us through everything we do no matter what it is. She loves to plan and help us stay organized with our sports and school. But she never forgets to think about the fun stuff too, like vacations! She likes to help motivate us to accomplish certain things and make sure we are successful in what we do. Everyday we learn something new about life and what we can do to make it worthwhile. Lots of what we learn comes from spending time with our mom." —Madison, 14, Blake, 10 and Chase Jozsa, 4.