Live, Laugh, Love and Learn

Dr. Miller, Ed.D., is the superintendent of one of the top school districts in Ohio (Ottawa Hills), a volunteer for one of the largest nonprofits in the country (American Cancer Society), and the father of four young boys (ages 5 to 11). Any one of those things would be  enough for most people, but Dr. Miller manages to squeeze in time for all of them. He laughs, “We work hard and we play hard!”

Dr. Miller decided to join the field of education because he “was influenced by really great teachers” and he “wanted to do the same for kids.” He originally majored in accounting and was even accepted to law school, but he “followed [his] heart” and chose the career that he had anticipated since the 4th grade: education. He taught for 13 years, worked as a school principal for 7 years, and has been a superintendent (first in Hicksville, Ohio and now in Ottawa Hills) for the past 11 years.

When Dr. Miller was superintendent of Hicksville schools, which he jokes, “is a name, not a lifestyle,” the district experienced great academic growth, and they were able to build a new school.  Dr. Miller recalls, “It was truly a community project… to have the concrete evidence there before us and to know that everybody had a hand in the design. It was an amazing moment. But I was more proud of what happened in that building because we had been doing great things to raise academic achievement. I humbly say this, but that day I received two standing ovations. It was so easy for me to give that community my heart; to be paid back that way was truly humbling.” 

Volunteering with the American Cancer Society came about due to a personal loss; Dr. Miller’s mother passed away from cancer. Dr. Miller reflects, “It’s a cause that I really believe in because I’ve seen the lives that research has saved and I’ve seen the lives that have been lost due to cancer.” This year he was the co-chair for the Cattle Baron’s Ball at Centennial Terrace in Sylvania, which he describes as a “hoedown ball” that is a “standard fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.”

Dr. Miller hopes to teach his four boys, Yale, Collin, Brechin, and Sterling, to live life with a thankful heart and a generous spirit. Each day as he drops the boys off at school, he reminds them to “live, laugh, love, and learn.” Dr. Miller classifies himself as an “older parent” because “we didn’t even start having kids until I was in my 40s.” However, he adds, “Being older and in the education field makes me more sensitive to the needs of my sons. Watching great kids, like my sons, doing great things…I just really appreciate it.”

Dr. Miller’s faves:

Toledo place: Stranahan Theater
Food: Seafood
Restaurant: Mancy’s Italian
Beverage: Diet Coke
Movie: On Golden Pond
Musician: Michael W. Smith
Books: Max Lucado and John Grisham novels

Fun facts

Name: Dr. Kevin Miller, Ed.D.
Age: 52
Kids: Yale 11, Collin 8, Brechin 7, Sterling 5
Pet: Bailey, a rat terrier
Hobbies Water sports
Loves about Toledo: The variety of things to do,: the zoo, the Mudhens, the Metroparks…