Holiday wish list

. November 28, 2012.

It might get loud

There’s nothing greater you can do for a child (or a grown-up!) than bringing the joy of music into their life. And if you want them to rock, the flute just isn’t doing it — you need to head to Drum Depot for the finest local expertise on the most exciting instrument there is. They’ll outfit your aspiring Ringo with the right kit at the right price, and help you get the lessons you’ll need to get the beat going, and you’ll end up with more than just a mighty racket.

Drum Depot

4100 Monroe St.


For the natural baby

Parents of newborns have plenty to worry about. If you’ve got a new mom or dad on your list, give them a hand with diapers and other natural parenting products from Blissfield’s Squishy Tushy. Cloth diapers are better for the earth and for a baby’s health, and Squishy Tushy sells a full range of accessories, from covers to pail liners to ointments and sprays. You can even get some charming natural jewelry for your favorite mom.

Squishy Tushy

103 S. Lane, Blissfield


Top-of-the-line kid style

Treat the parent or infant on your list to some first-class kiddie swag, from the area’s premier baby boutique. Lullaby Lane has top-notch strollers and travel systems, tubs and towels, adorable apparel and — of course — toys! Pick up some soon-to-be-beloved plush friends or an endlessly entertaining play gym. Make sure the littlest people you know have the nursery that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

Lullaby Lane

The Shops at Fallen Timbers

3100 Main St., Ste. 1350, Maumee


The sweet tooth

Everybody hopes to get some candy in their stocking. Make yours stand out, with the kinds of sweet treasures you remember from days gone by. Bit O’ Honey, Brach’s, Mellocreme — the store is filled with names that will evoke memories of childhood. Chew over the endless array of options, and pick a few that say what you want to your special somebodies. And despite what the store’s sign says, it’s not just retro — there’s plenty of gourmet chocolate and candy from all over the world.

Boyd’s Retro Candy

954 Philips Ave.



Keep the gifts going


What if you could get all the toys a child could want without breaking the bank or enlarging your footprint on the earth? Once Upon a Child has plenty of gently-used goodies on hand year-round, from books to blocks to kitchen sets. You can pick up a few movies that the kids will love — even a bike! Children don’t care if their holiday treasures have had another owner, and you’ll be happy knowing that your gift-giving had a minimal effect on the environment.

Once Upon a Child

7565 Sylvania Ave.



Don't miss a beat


Give a gift that would never have been possible before now — a quiet and secret sound that few have ever heard. It’s the heartbeat of your child in the womb, preserved electronically by My Little Me. The 3D ultrasound facility will take a sound recording of your child’s heartbeat and “surgically” implant it in a lovable teddy bear. Pressing on the bear’s “heart” will play the recording, and let your hear the sound of memories that will last a lifetime. 


312 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee



Top-notch toys and more


You’re not raising kids who’d be happy with any old toys. Scoots has treasures with a unique flair, including eco-friendly gifts for boys and girls alike. Think arts and crafts supplies from beeswax crayons to tin can robot kits. Or decorate a dream nursery with the whimsical animal-themed artwork of brothers Ryan and Stephen Fowler. There are plenty of high-quality books for kids of all ages to round out your wish list and stimulate hearts and minds.


206 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg