Easy Does It—DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

. September 30, 2018.
Emmet in red (6), and Eleanor in yellow (5). (Ann Arbor)
Emmet in red (6), and Eleanor in yellow (5). (Ann Arbor)

We’ve got you covered! Halloween can creep up on us and become a potentially time-consuming holiday. Sometimes the elaborate costume ideas have to be pushed aside for something quicker, cheaper, and all around easier. But, do not fear! Here are a few super simple costume ideas that require little time and use materials found around the house. Best part is, they are adorable, unique, and can work for almost any age or gender!

Scuba Diver


• Black pants and black long sleeve shirt
• Two 2-litter bottles
• Rope or yarn
• Spray paint, color of choice
• Black electrical tape
• Sponge hair curlers
• Swim goggles and snorkel
• Decorative silver ‘washi’ tape
• Hot glue


Oxygen Backpack: Spray paint two 2-litter bottles. Once dry, add black electrical tape and silver washi tape to secure them together.
Measure and cut the rope so that when secured to the top and bottom of bottles, it will still fit snuggly around your child’s shoulders. Using hot glue, secure the ends of the rope to the bottom and top of the bottle. This should create two loops so you child can put it on like a backpack.

Scuba Tool Belt: Double the electrical tape onto itself so it isn’t sticky and weave on some sponge curlers. Using a small piece of tape, secure the belt together so it fits around your child’s waist.

Lego Block Costume


• 1 rectangular cardboard box (Lego hat)
• 1 squared cardboard box (Lego body)
• 1 can of spray paint, color of choice
• 1 package Solo cups (match the color of paint, if possible)
• Duct tape
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors


Using the smaller square box, cut a round hole in the bottom based on the size of hat your child wears. Hot glue the rims of 4 Solo cups onto the top of the box. This will create the Lego hat. Using the larger, rectangular box, cut a hole on the top about two to three times larger than your hat hole. This will be the head hole. On both sides of the larger box, cut large circles out for the arm holes. These holes should only be a few inches from the top of the box. Cut the back and bottom off the rectangular box so your child can easily get in and out of the costume. Hot glue 6 solo cups onto the front of the cardboard box. Duct tape around any edges to smooth them out. Spray paint both boxes and let them dry.

Note: If you have a hard time keeping the Lego hat on, have the child put a hat on backwards so the box stays more secure. The brim on the back will provide more stability.