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Easy Does It—DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

We’ve got you covered! Halloween can creep up on us and become a potentially time-consuming holiday. Sometimes the elaborate costume ideas have to be pushed aside for something quicker, cheaper, and all around easier. But, do not fear! Here are a few super simple costume ideas that require little time and use materials found around the house. Best part is, they are adorable, unique, and can work for almost any age or gender!

Bento Boxes to the Rescue!

You’re probably an expert at the quick school lunch, but if you and your kids are ready to swap out the sack lunch for something more exciting this school year, try a bento box filled with a delicious and nutritious assortment of food. To keep your bento box cool for up to 8 hours, toss an ice pack in the lunch box or bag or, for room temperature food, you’re set for the day. Using a bento box provides great portion control, reduces plastic and paper waste, encourages kids to try a variety of foods, and is easy to wash and reuse for years.

Craft of the month: Clothespin Butterflies

It wouldn’t be spring without making at least one butterfly craft with the kids. These bright, cheery butterflies are a perfect decoration and also a great way to help your children use their imagination. The best thing about these flying friends is you can use whatever you have around the house! Supplies: Clothespin Pipe Cleaner

Craft of the month: Bunny and chick pots

Easter crafts are a great way to welcome in the spring season. These bunny and chick pots are the perfect craft activity to do with your children. Not only are they a cute decoration, they also serve a greater purpose—to store all the delicious treats we collect during this season! Supplies: Small ceramic pots  Yellow and