DIY Halloween Costumes

. October 3, 2014.

Pillsbury Doughboy

Designed by Jennifer Gross 
(Whitehouse), mom to Blake, 2, and Kate, 1

Long-sleeved white onesie
White pants
White handkerchief
Children’s size white baker hat
Blue foam
White letters
White puffy paint
Wooden spoon

1. Cut an oval out of the blue foam.
2. Glue the white foam letters to the blue circle           
    to spell “Pillsbury.”  
3. Use the white puffy paint to make little  
    dots around the outer edge of the oval.
4. Glue the blue oval to the white baker’s hat.
5. Dress your baby/child in the white onesie and white pants. 
6. Tie the white handkerchief around his/her neck and place 
    the finished baker’s hat upon his/her head.
7. Use a wooden spoon from the kitchen as a prop.

Frog Prince in a Kissing Booth

Designed by Heidi Stotz (Swanton)
Mom to Daniel, 7, and Alexis, 3

Traditional stroller
Second-hand frog costume
Dowel rods
Large box the width 
of the stroller
Red fabric
White letters
Zip ties
White ribbon
Red lipstick
Hot glue gun
Optional: Crown and cape
play money for the cash tray 

1. Cut the top of the sealed box a few inches away
    from the edge. Flip over the cut box and place on
    top of the stroller for the top of the “kissing
2. Adjust the dowel rods to hold up the top of the 
    box at the inside corners by affixing to the sides
    of the stroller with zip ties. They should be on a slight angle.
3. Cut the remainder of the box to fit the stroller. 
Affix to the metal parts of the stroller with zip ties. Cut to fit the red fabric (see photo for 
general guidelines). Attach with hot glue.
4. Use the white ribbon to gather the fabric at the edges of the “booth.”
5. Use the white letters to spell out “Prince Charming Kisses” or “Kissing Booth Frog.” Use hot glue
    gun to attach letters.
6. Add optional cape and crown, as well as cash to
   the cash tray.
7. Kiss cheeks wearing red lipstick and put child in
Note: Stroller will NOT collapse with the booth still attached.

Futurama’s BENDER

Designed by Amy Somogye (Sylvania), mom to Dylan, 10

Supplies: Rounded bathroom garbage can 
Kitchen garbage can
2 plastic bowls
White foam balls
Black marker
White mesh
Gray spray paint
Gray sweat pants
and long-sleeved gray shirt
Gray duct tape
Black electrical tape
Wood dowel and ball 
Old gloves

1.Cut a circle (large enough for your child’s
   head) into the bottom of the kitchen
   garbage can.
2. Cut arm holes into the sides of the
    kitchen  garbage can. 
3. Caulk the arm and head holes to protect
    your child from the sharp edges.
4. Cut an opening in the bottom of the 
    smaller bathroom garbage can for your 
    child’s head. 
5. Caulk the edges.                                  
6. Cut an opening in the side of the bathroom garbage can where your child’s eyes and mouth will be.      
Option to caulk this opening as well.
7. Cut openings for the feet into the two bowls. Caulk the edges.
8. Spray paint the garbage cans, bowls, caulk, 
    cardboard, and wood dowel and ball with 
    gray spray paint. Allow all items to dry before
9. Draw a door on the larger
    trash can (Bender’s body)
      with permanent marker.
10. Cover the child’s eye/
      mouth opening on the bathroom garbage can
      with white mesh and glue
      into place. Use the permanent marker to draw 
      teeth on the white mesh.
11. Form the cardboard into 
      an oval and glue and/or 
      duct tape into place on 
      the bathroom can where
      Bender’s eyes would be.
12. Glue the white foam balls
      into the oval on the bath
      room can for Bender’s 
13. Draw pupils on the foam
      balls with the 
      permanent marker.
14. Glue the wood dowel and ball to the top of the curve on the bathroom trash can.
15. Place pieces of cardboard, cut to fit, into the
      old gloves. Cover gloves/cardboard with gray
      duct tape.
16. Dress your child in the gray sweats and shirt.
      Use black electrical tape to create Bender’s
      segments on the arms and legs.
17.  Place the larger trash can on your child’s 
       body, and place the smaller trash can on his/
       her head.
18.  Place the bowls on your child’s ankles to 
       cover his/her feet.
19.  Duct tape Bender’s hands (the taped gloves
       with cardboard) to your child’s wrists.