Sweet not Sour Safety Tips

. October 1, 2014.

October is, fittingly, Halloween safety month. Every ghoul knows about checking the candy for foreign objects, but what about the little things that could result in some “Halloween boo?” Here are some pointers;

  • Worried about the vast amount of sugar that is no doubt being consumed out of your sight and leaving you with slim pickings at bedtime? Candy-proof older monsters by telling them ‘for every piece they gobble before getting home, you’ll take five of your favorites from their stash for yourself’ – voila!
  • Seconds into leaving the house, you realize all the little howlers running around are roughly the same size, they’re all screaming and it’s getting dark. How to keep an eye on your monster? Have them dress up as a glow stick – hot-glue unactivated glowsticks on a white pants and shirt combination.
  • Are dental bills from Halloweens past providing hair-raising anxiety? Tack on an extra three minutes of brushing teeth for every three pieces of candy eaten in a day. Although this hocus pocus really has no medical merit, your bogeymen may end up thinking twice about feeding on more sugar, and the extra time is sure to keep most of the cavity creeps at bay.