Candy Free Easter Treats

Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and more sugary treats, Easter’s here!

Before you load your kids baskets with candy, consider some of these alternatives that won’t give your young ones a sugar high. Bonus – once all the chocolate is gone, these toys will still be around to play with!


Hurricane Reusable Water Balls
This summer, make tying water balloon knots a thing of the past! Hurricane Reusable Water Balls are soft silicone rubber balls that self-seal and fill in seconds when submerged in water. Upon impact the water bursts out, soaking your target. They can withstand more than1000 throws. Ages 5+. $9.99.

Playfoam Sparkle 4-Pack A tactile toy that never dries out! Playfoam Sparkle provides hours of creative play. The playfoam can be squashed and squished, molded and shaped. The no-stick formula will not leave a residue behind. Ages 3-6. $4.99.


PLAYMOBIL Bunny Barn Carry Case – All your little one needs to set up a bunny farm including one figurine, four bunnies, a bunny hutch and other accessories such as a fence and bunny food. Set up your bunnies’ home and let your imagination free. $9.99. Learning Express


Playgro Shape Sorting Flower Puzzle – Perfect for spring, this colorful 22-piece puzzle encourages your child to learn various shapes, practice trial and error and develop special reasoning. The happy flower is the center of the puzzle with each petal being a different color with a different shape. Children learn to sort the shapes as they put the petals on the flower. For ages 12-36 months. $14.99.