Wildwood offers family yoga classes

Making sure you spend time your kids while also keeping up with the latest health trends is a struggle many parents face, but it doesn’t have to be. The answer to this struggle is simple— family yoga.

This healthy and relaxing activity is something every family member can participate in because yoga allows for different skill levels to still get a great exercise. The more simple poses are perfect for small children, while several of the more difficult poses have modifications available.

Take advantage of this fun activity during ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club’s upcoming family yoga class, beginning Sunday, April 10. They’ll go over various asanas and postures in an environment that is playful, fun and completely kid-friendly.


Strengthening bodies and bonds

“Family Yoga helps strengthen the family bond by finding a common ground activity, that's able to fit into your busy schedule,” says family yoga instructor Danamarie Andujar. “Yoga is mentally and physically beneficial for all ages, including grandparents.”

Andujar says the class will involve cooperative games, partner yoga poses and— allowing parents the chance to spend devoted time with their children instead of finding an activity to keep the kids busy. Family yoga also aims to develop healthy body image, release stress and connect the mind and body.

Andujar, who the kids call Ms. Dana, was first introduced to yoga when she was four years old. Her mother had taken her to a family yoga class and she loved how it made her feel.

“Later, that same love grew into my devotion to teaching and giving others the opportunity to experience that same freedom and joy. I have been teaching yoga to all ages for almost two years now and I was so thrilled when one of the parents at Wildwood  suggested that I start a Family Yoga class here,” she says. “The community has been so supportive. I'm really looking forward to this class.”   


Classes begin April 10 and continue every Sunday from 11:30-12:30pm until May 27.
For club member families, this class costs $25. It’s $50 for non-member families.

ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club, 2865 N. Reynolds Rd. | 419-539-0235 | wildwoodathleticlub.com



Can’t make it to the classes? Try these five easy yoga poses at home:


Child’s pose
This one is a great stretch for the lower back, and will help with cramps if you have them! Kneel down and lean forward so your stomach is touching your thighs. Stretch your arms forward on the floor and relax in that position.


Downward-facing dog
If you uncurl from child’s pose, you can move right into downward-facing dog, where your feet and hands are the only parts of you touching the ground. Your arms and legs should be straight, not bent.


Tree pose
Tree pose is fun and can be a little silly with kids, as everyone’s balance is tested! Start with your feet together and your hands at your sides. From there, slowly move one foot up to rest against your other leg, with your knee pointed out to the side. Make sure your raised foot is not resting on the other leg’s knee, but instead rests above or below it. Now raise your arms and hold the position. Congratulations, you are in tree pose! Hold this for as long as you can, then repeat by raising your other leg instead.


Warrior II pose
Standing straight up, step your feet apart so one knee is bent and there is about 4 feet of space between your feet. Turn your back foot 90 degrees, so your foot is pointing away from the rest of your body. Raise your arms so they are parallel to the floor with your palms facing down. Hold the position, then repeat on the other side.


Bridge pose
Lay on the ground with your knees bent and your feet as close to the rest of your body as you can get them. Raise your hips, resting your weight on your feet and shoulder blades. Your arms should be flat on the floor or grabbing your ankles, if you can. Hold for a while, then slowly ease your way back down.


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