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February is National Children’s Dental Health month. The American Dental Association encourages parents and caregivers to promote healthy habits and talk about the benefits of good oral health from a young age. If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in town, or need some tips for keeping your child’s smile bright, we’ve rounded up advice from some of the best in town.

Sylvania Pediatric Dental Care

5860 Alexis Rd. | 419-882-7187


What is different about a pediatric dentist?
Being a pediatric dentist is SO FUN! We get to be silly and turn what can be a stressful situation into a fun and enjoyable experience at the dentist! We have video games, books and puzzles to keep everyone busy!

What sets your practice apart from others?
Our office’s number one concern is the experience we give our patients. We strive to create a dental home where children enjoy coming to the dentist.

What is one thing you want parents to know about their child’s oral health?
Children’s diets are so important. Studies show over 90% of kids’ cavities are related to the frequency their teeth are exposed to sugar and acid. Sodas and juices, even the all-natural or 100% juices, dramatically increase a child’s cavity risk.

Dr. Erin Knierim

3036 W. Sylvania Ave.
419-474-0733 |


What made you want to be a pediatric dentist?
Providing children with positive experiences early on helps them to develop a good relationship with dental health. I didn’t start out as a pediatric dentist, however I found the most joy in the days where my schedule had primarily children, so I went back to school so I could learn how to best care for them. Kids feel so much pride and accomplishment when they complete a dental visit with flying colors and facilitating that is such a rewarding feeling.

What is different about a pediatric dentist?
A pediatric dentist has a minimum of two additional years of specialized training where we learn to treat the unique needs of your growing child. We love hanging out with kids all day (and their parents, too) as a focus of our practice.

What sets your practice apart from others in town?
Toledo is a great town with many highly qualified providers to treat your child. My practice is small, which allows us to get to know our families well, and they get to know us. Patients can expect to see the same smiling faces at each visits, which can help them feel comfortable in the dental environment.

Frankel Dentistry

5012 Talmadge Road #100 | 419-474-9611


Why should parents chose Frankel Dentistry?
We want each visit to be the best dental experience from infancy to old age. Frankel Dentistry has served the Toledo community since 1946. Our patients are our dental family. Patients have celebrated 60 to 70 year anniversaries with us. We have cared for families of 3 to 5 generations!

What sets your practice apart from others in town?
Dr. Frankel gives his person cell phone number to patients. This unique access to the doctor along with two convenient locations and evening and Saturday hours sets Frankel Dentistry apart.

What is one thing you want parents to know about their child’s oral health?
Start healthy habits early to set them up for life. The initial visit should be scheduled right after the first tooth pops through the gums. Infants even receive a Frankel Dentistry bib on their first visit! Kids love Frankel Dentistry and Frankel Dentistry loves kids.

Dr. Andre Haerian
HLS Orthodontics


Sylvania: 6407 Monroe St. | 419-882-1017
Lambertville: 7928 Secor Rd. | 734-854-6221
Maumee: 4359 Keystone Dr., Suite 200 | 419-887-1247

What made you want to be an orthodontist?
There are multiple reasons but a few are the fact that I was and still am interested in the mechanics (forces, vectors, moments) used in the bio-mechanical systems in Orthodontics. I also love to see the transformation that comes with successful treatment.

What is different about an orthodontist compared to a dentist?
All orthodontists and dentists graduate from a dental school, but from there, orthodontists take a different path. They take on additional work and further their education to specialize in straightening teeth. After dental school, there is an additional selective process to determine those that will be able to continue their education toward a specialty in orthodontics. Once accepted, orthodontists undergo an additional two to three years of full-time training concentrating on orthodontia including bite problems, dentofacial orthopeodics, occlusion and bio mechanics to become experts in straightening teeth.

What is one thing you want parents to know about their child’s oral health?
Healthy habits and proper care can help children avoid many problems.

Kay & Paulus Orthodontics

5655 Monclova Rd., Maumee
419-893-3376 |


What is different about an orthodontist compared to a dentist?
An orthodontist is a dental specialist that receives two to three years of additional training beyond dental school. This training focuses on facial growth, tooth movement, and aesthetics.

What sets your practice apart from others in town?
That’s an easy one, our incredible team. At Kay & Paulus Orthodontics, we take great pride in our work and love what we do. We hope our passion of creating an exceptional smile is contagious and strive to exceed our patient’s expectations at each visit. Together we create beautiful smiles that promote happiness, confidence, and self esteem.

What is one thing you want parents to know about their child’s oral health?
Establishing good habits early is the best way to prevent future problems. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends every child establish a dental home by age one. This will help prevent dental problems as children grow and develop. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children get their first check-up with an orthodontist by the age of seven. Around that age, facial growth and eruption patterns are evaluated. Getting teeth to function well is a very important part of your child’s overall oral health.

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