Why should women consider placenta encapsulation?


Why should women consider placenta encapsulation?

There is no vitamin or supplement that can compete with your placenta’s ability to replenish your body after childbirth. Not only is your placenta rich in nutrients such as minerals, protein, iron, and vitamins, it contains your hormones which are completely unique to you. 

What are the benefits?

Placenta pills are commonly referred to as “happy pills” for a reason. They help bring your body back into balance and give you a sense of calm so you can relax and enjoy your new baby. Benefits include increases in your milk production and energy level. Also, they provide replenishment of hormones lost after labor, balancing fluctuating hormones, faster recovery time,  decrease in postnatal bleeding, returning the uterus back to a normal state, combating insomnia, and acting as prevention for postpartum depression/baby blues.  

Explain the process of getting the placenta into pill form.

The process is simple. When you deliver, I come to the hospital and pick up the placenta, process it and return it back usually within a day or two. Processing a placenta generally includes an inspection, rinse and dehydration. Once fully dehydrated, it gets ground into powder form and put into capsules. I use smaller capsules, so adjusting the dosage is easy. 

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